Happy Sauvignon Blanc Day 2017

Today marks the 8th annual Sauvignon Blanc Day all around the world. Traditionally, Sauvignon Blanc is celebrated on the first Friday in May of each year.

Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh and elegant wine, balanced, with high acidity, intense aromas of exotic fruit (grapefruit, pomelo), herbs, and a persistent finish. We put together the main facts about this very popular wine, check below!

From gentle to spicy notes

The same as other grape varietals, Sauvignon Blanc has many “faces,” depending on the location and the way it’s been cultivated. Its nuances vary as follows:

  • Gentle, delicate and fragrant, with apple buds aroma (most likely from the Loire Valley, France)
  • Tropical fruits (if grown in Australia and South Africa)
  • Spicy notes, asparagus and green beans (varietals grown in New Zealand)


Sauvignon Blanc’s name comes from sauvage (wild) and blanc (white). The varietal originated in Bordeaux region, France.

France, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa and the United States are some of the top Sauvignon Blanc producing countries.

It’s all about terroir

It’s not a secret that wine is directly influenced by the soil quality (next to climate, weather, sunlight, water, warmth and nutrients). For example, in Sancerre and Pouilly, the light soils produce rich and complex SauvBlancs. In Loire Valley, the heavy, chalky soils give the wine floral aromas and mineral taste. The rocky, calcareous soil in Pouilly-sur-Loire produces wines with a smoky aroma (fumé). Grown on clay and lime soils in New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc achieves bright flavors.

Sauvignon Blanc wine and food pairings

smoked salmon

Sauv Blanc can be enjoyed with light summer salads, fish, seafood, fresh cheeses, poultry. Some other examples of dishes:

– Caesar Chicken salad
– Feta Turkey Burger
– Roasted chicken with herbs
– Smoked Salmon
– Fruit salads

What foods not to combine it with

Due to its acidity and medium body, Sauv Blanc is not suitable for red meat. Also, not suitable for buttery, fatty, oily foods. It is best enjoyed if served at 55 F (13 C). As we mentioned before, it doesn’t need to be exactly this temperature. However, try not to store or serve your wine above 70 F (21 C).

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