5 reasons to try a Moscato wine today

Many grape varieties have their own annual holiday, including Muscat, which is celebrated on May 9th of each year. Such days give an opportunity to both winemakers and wine lovers to share their love and passion about a specific varietal. Below we highlight 5 reasons to try a Moscato wine today.

It’s a wine popular worldwide

Muscat grapes

Muscat grapes are Italian in origin, but are planted worldwide. Moscato wines are as diverse as the locations they come from, including Italy, France, Spain, Australia or USA (California) etc. Muscat grapes are also named variously, including: Muscat, Muscadel, Moscatel bianco, Moscatello, White Frontignan, Muskat, Muskateller, Mysket and Muskuti, depending on the country.

Intense flavors


Wines from Muscat grapes are usually light-bodied, with medium acidity. It is perfect if you prefer lower contents of alcohol in your wine. Why give it a try? It will be nutty and delicious, with flavors of apricot, peaches, oranges, even a little spiciness.

You can choose a still or a sparkling Moscato

Sparkling wine

Muscat grapes are used for both still and sparkling wines. The most famous sparkling Moscato is Moscato d’Asti, produced in the province of Asti in north-west Italy. Pink Moscato is a combination of Muscat Blanc grapes and Merlot for color.

Still Moscato wines are made from Muscat Blanc grapes and reach a higher level of alcohol (around 12%).

Excellent pairing for Asian cuisine and (of course) desserts

Pad Thai

Moscato wines are known for the perfect pairing with fresh fruit and dessert. You can serve these wines chilled, paired with fruit, cheeses or desserts.

At the same time, they make a perfect combination for Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and other cuisines from Asia. Pair your dish with this fresh wine to tame the heat in the food.

A perfect ingredient for desserts


These wines can be a perfect ingredient to your desserts. You could try Moscato Blackberry Ice Cream, Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting or a Orange Pomegranate Moscato Cocktail. Possibilities are endless!

A toast to Muscat!



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