5 Favorite Places in Tbilisi to have a Glass of Wine

We’re thrilled to share with you a new guest blog post from our amazing friend Tamara Kvashilava. Tamara was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. After earning a law degree, she started pursuing her passion of storytelling and received a second diploma from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Tamara is a wine enthusiast who thinks there is always an occasion for wine. For her, it is a drink of passion combined with memories, a part of the human story. Below, Tamara takes you on a journey through some of her most favorite wine places in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia.

Fall, an affluent period, for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere marks the transition from summer to winter. The duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools down considerably. The trees clothed with green suddenly become a riot of color – yellow, orange and red leaves fallen on the ground crunch under our feet. Best feeling ever.

Fall also tends to give rise to melancholia, or “Fall Feelings” as we commonly refer to in pop culture. In most parts of California, the seasonal change from summer to fall may be slight, but that does not mean we don’t get the same thrills pulling out our cashmere sweaters and cozy throws when the air starts to crisp. Nevertheless, this year I am spending fall in Georgia and taking full advantage of much-missed experience with all its perks. Since another big fall essential is a nice wine, I decided to share with you top five spots in the capital Tbilisi, where you can enjoy a delicious glass:

The Terrace Rooftop

A spacious restaurant, on top of the cozy boutique hotel, offers panoramic city views in the heart of Tbilisi. Grill & Bar provides traditional and international cuisines, as well as the comfortable sitting areas for guests to experience sophisticated dining at any time of the day. The rich menu includes barbecue specialties. If you are a lover of seafood definitely try mouthwatering grilled salmon. You will find a wide selection of Georgian bio Qvevri wines here. Amazing spot for taking pictures during both night and day times. You will not even need an Instagram filter.

Cafe Bar “Konka Station”

Superb location in the old town and walking distance from major tourist attractions, whilst providing a calm atmosphere. Assuredly a good place to relax after sightseeing. Sit and have a drink as you watch the world go by. On top of that, one of the best places to get together with friends. It is an option for live music, jazz mostly and prices are reasonable. The musicians are right next to the audience and the drum solos can be mind-blowing. The place gets packed on Friday night. Manu has amazing Georgian wine selection. My personal favorites to drink here are Rose or Saperavi, an extractive wine with a harmonious taste and pleasant astringency.

Art House – The Place to Meet

This special spot opened recently and is all in one place type of structure, which has something to offer for everyone. It undoubtedly brings a unique experience of art and entertainment for its guests. Combining different types of restaurants, artwork museum, and even a gym and pool on the top floor. Though the pool remains open in winter, you can still manage to sip wine while enjoying great views of the city before it gets too cold outside. One couldn’t be disappointed by coming here. “Brasserie Bouvette”, on the first floor, has delicious meals, beautiful food presentation and cozy atmosphere with a touch of fancy. Furthermore, the wine cellar has a wide variety of selections. Food lovers, watch out – the culinary director is from New York. Hands down, the most welcoming and polite staff. What’s more, it’s located next to the movie theater on Rustaveli Ave., so film enthusiasts can check out latest flick before or after their visit.




Black Dog Bar

Chances are here you will meet people from everywhere around the globe. A friendly place often used by locals too. Multicultural, fun vibes and not a place for quiet contemplation. Prices here are low, but the quality is excellent. They have good burgers, dips, and fries. Smoking is not allowed inside and since bars can be filled with smoke this is surely nice characteristic. During the evening bar attendees initiate to play fun games that could win you a free drink of your choice. For wine lovers, it could be a gratifying glass from the local selection you wouldn’t have to pay for.

Moulin Electrique

Inside Moulin Electrique Paris bohemia meets Georgian hospitality. Tbilisi is no stranger to ‘art cafes’, hard to find, concealed in courtyards and unsuspecting corners. This one is another living museum of country’s culture itself. The wooden chairs, round tables, converted library card catalogs and patio conversations make a wonderful hideaway for writers working on their next project besides a tall glass of wine. Offers both indoor and outdoor sitting. Could be a great way to end your day in the city.


In the end, Tbilisi hides a treasure around every corner. Some days the atmosphere you are looking for could be of the uttermost importance. The lightning has to be right and even table settings have to as well. So depending on what you’re looking for there is something for everybody. Treat yourself by indulging in a glass of yummy lip-smacking wine and don’t forget to turn over a new leaf this Fall season.

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